Refining the UAE's healthcare sector

  • Our Approach and Reach

    Entering new markets is always difficult, especially when the industry is sought out by many entrants and is heavily regulated in many product category ranges.

    We like to frame our value proposition by distilling the healthcare market reality below into core elements of consideration.


    You will be able to enter UAE's healthcare sector in a faster manner with competitive registration and advisory service provision having utmost quality and responsiveness at the forefront of its tenet.


    You are not giving away your rights to self-distribute your products in the UAE or assign a distributor when registering your products through LMM. You have complete control over your brand during and after registration.


    You have our assurance that your brand's values and mission will be our top priority throughout our prospective alliance.

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  • General Overview of Processes *

    * Only general processes illustrated. Time frame and exact requirements will be included in the proposal.

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    Healthcare Products: Supply Chain and Logistics Provision

    Below are the highlights of our healthcare related supply chain and logistics devision.

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